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The VIP dinner will include a performance from Escala. Having met as friends in 2006, Escala rose to fame on primetime hit ITV show Britain's Got Talent in 2008, mesmerising the audience with their immense talent and unique style of music.


Today, Victoria, Stephanie, Helen and Honor perform a brilliant mixture of classical music with contemporary styles and this combination proved to be a big hit on Britain's Got Talent where they were voted by the public to go through to the final.


The four girls have been classically trained at the Guildhall School of Music, Royal Academy and Royal College of Music and have spent years honing their skills as musicians. This unconventional quartet prove that classical music, once a niche genre, can truly reach out to mainstream audiences, taking bold steps to mix modern pop songs with traditional string instruments.

Baby D

The VIP after-party will include a personal appearance from Baby D.  MOBO award winner and dance sensation Baby D is one of the UK & Europe’s biggest dance successes, with more than a million single sales worldwide including 4 hit singles: ‘I need your loving (Everybody’s gotta learn sometime)‘, ‘So Pure’, ‘Take me to heaven’ and the No.1 hit ‘Let me be your fantasy’ which stayed in the national charts for over 2 years and sold over in excess of 340,000 copies in its 1st week of release alone and peaked at the no.1 national chart position for 2 weeks on 24th Nov 1994.


Baby D has constantly been playing live since the band was formed at the beginning of the 90's and appear live all over the UK, Europe and Middle East including Spain, Poland, Cyprus, Germany, Greek islands and in 2010 Dubai, Performing live for events such as Global Gathering, Raveology, Kisstory, Dance island, Raindance, Epidemik, Earthquake, Radio 1 Live, Ministry of Sound, MTV’s Most Wanted and Moondance naming just a few.

Baby D has been involved with many other artists including ‘The Prodigy’ and featured on their ‘Music for a jilted generation’ album (1994) on the track ‘Break & Enter’, this track used a sample from Baby D’s Casanova track.

The Prodigy then remixed this track in their own unique style and was released on the Casanova cd single as the 'Prodigy pump action' Remix and the limited edition 2CD ‘Deliverance’ album. Other artists Baby D has been involved with include The Ratpack, The Chemical Brothers and Goldie.

In summer 1995, Baby D reached number three with a rave version of the ballad "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" by The Korgis, which was renamed "I Need Your Loving". Other hits followed, and a top 5 album, "Deliverance".

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